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Take Control of Your Calls With Truecaller's After Call Screen. Learn How!!

Priyanka Sharma

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Priyanka Sharma

Hi TrueTalks Community,

If you're looking to enhance your call management, identify unknown numbers, and block spam effectively, Truecaller is a must-have app. One standout feature is the "After Call Screen," designed to elevate your calling experience. Let's delve into what the After Call Screen offers, its advantages, and how it can transform the way you handle calls. 


Understanding the After Call Screen

The After Call Screen, also known as ACS, appears immediately after you end a call. It provides a summary and convenient options for efficiently managing your calls. By helping with follow-ups, ACS ensures a seamless and stress-free calling experience. Available only on Android.


Key Features of the After Call Screen

  • Caller ID Details: View the caller's name and number, with the ability to suggest corrections if needed.
  • Call Duration: Instantly see the call length without navigating to your phone's call log.
  • Send a Message: Easily follow up with a quick message or mention any overlooked details from the call.
  • Save Contact: Effortlessly add unknown numbers to your contacts directly from the screen.
  • Add to Spam: Flag unwanted or spam calls to contribute to the Truecaller community's protection community's protection.



Download Truecaller:- https://tc.onelink.me/571208033/1fqyddvr


Types of After Call Screen

The After Call Screen is available in two formats: Caller ID Pop-up and Full Screen. You can select either the Pop-up or Full-Screen version based on your preferences.



Customizing Your Settings

  • Open the app.
  • Go to Settings > Calls.
  • Choose your Caller ID preference.
  • You can toggle on to hide ACS for phonebook contacts or keep it disabled for continued ACS after each call.

We also offer a Premium feature that allows you to hide the After Call Screen for non-phonebook contacts, facilitating seamless communication.

Upgrade to Premium here:- https://www.truecaller.com/premium/




Note: Details of missed or rejected calls will always be displayed, regardless of your settings. This ensures that you never miss an important call and can respond promptly.

Whether you're a professional managing numerous calls daily or someone who simply wants to keep their phone organized, the After Call Screen is a feature worth exploring. Happy calling!

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Nice one and I enjoy the feature very much. Thanks for your effort family.

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