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Scam Alert: The Rise of the 'FedEx Courier' Scam in India


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At Truecaller, our mission is to build trust in communication, and part of that mission involves keeping you informed about potential threats. A worrying trend has emerged in Bengaluru, called the FedEX Courier Scam. This is all you need to know.

This latest scam involves fraudsters impersonating FedEx couriers. The digital age has streamlined many aspects of our lives, but it has also opened doors for criminals to exploit technology and manipulate emotions with devastating effectiveness. By creating a false sense of urgency and impersonating trusted entities, these scammers have successfully deceived many.

How the Scam Works

The fraud begins with a phone call from someone claiming to be from FedEx customer service. The caller informs the victim that a package linked to their Aadhaar number has been intercepted because it allegedly contains illegal items. Despite the victim not knowing such a package, the scammer insists it was dispatched from Mumbai and is now stuck in customs due to the discovery of narcotics among the items.


To escalate the sense of urgency, the scammer claims the call will be transferred to the Mumbai Police Cyber Cell. Victims might then receive a call from an individual posing as a police officer, who demands sensitive information like Aadhaar and PAN card details. The scammer exploits fears of legal repercussions and money laundering accusations to lure the victim into transferring money, promising a swift refund which, of course, never happens.


In total, over Rs 5 crore has been lost to these scammers in Bengaluru alone, where the police have registered 163 cases related to this type of cyber scam in 2023 alone, with 48 of these cases in the South-East division.

Truecaller's Role in Your Safety

Use Truecaller to help identify potential scammers. Our app flags suspicious numbers and provides you with the information needed to avoid falling prey to these deceitful tactics.


Download Truecaller: f0e9ab987056bd8450279de7b6ddcf1a.png 63a42faf0b4e8344cb601acb312d97c1.png 204ab1e66c7768126ed9bc624007f98f.png

How to Protect Yourself:

  • Directly check the status of any package on the official FedEx website. Avoid interacting with links sent via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.
  • Never share your UPI PIN, UPI ID, or other sensitive banking details with strangers over the phone.
  • If a call raises suspicions, hang up immediately. Scammers use sophisticated psychological tactics to manipulate their targets.
  • Vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, are often targeted more frequently. Help educate your community about the signs of these scams.
  • If you suspect a scam, report it immediately in your Truecaller app. Contact emergency services by dialing 112 or 1930, or visit the nearest Cyber Crime Police Station.


Awareness and preventive measures are your best defense against these types of cybercrimes. Remember, in the fight against fraud, knowledge is power. Stay informed, stay skeptical, and use Truecaller to keep your communications safe. Together, we can halt the plans of cybercriminals and maintain the integrity of our digital lives.

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Yes,the same thing happened to me one month ago,they were saying exactly same thing that some illegal items were couriered to Canada but stuck at Mumbai Customs Office and that the package was in my name, I immediately realised it was a scam and cut the phone call and blocked the no.

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  • Truecaller Team

You handled the situation really well, Nihaal. It's essential to stay vigilant and not fall for these scams. Thanks for sharing your experience—it's helpful for others to hear about these tactics.

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I think Truecaller is the best for me since every scam it can detect and notify me 

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Yes, True caller statements are factual. There's a lot of scams with regard to FedEx and also DHL. Becareful never deal with anyone from Togo(West African Country)

There's one potential cheat operating from Togo, his name is Daniel and his associates are Melissa Etian, Sister Caty Anty Sali. They mostly use priest and nuns names to convince the gullible believers. I lost INR 300,000/- under the lure of inheritance. I advise everyone to be careful.

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أؤيد جدا الحديث حول هذا الموضوع و لقد إستفدت من التنبيه و التحذير و أدعو الجميع لأخذ الحيطه و الحذر من كل أوجه الإحتيال و النصب 

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