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    • We're beyond thrilled to introduce Truecaller for Web (currently in beta) - a slick, new addition to our lineup, exclusively for our Android family. Imagine the power of Truecaller, but now on your computer!
      What’s Truecaller for Web All About?
      It's all about making your life easier. Think of Truecaller for Web as your new go-to for messaging:
      SMS at Your Fingertips: Swap your phone for your PC or Mac for texting. Desktop Interface: Tailored for your desktop, it’s familiar yet fresh. The Magic of a keyboard: Say goodbye to typos and hello to speed. Big Screen, Big Comfort: Your eyes will thank you for the larger view. Drag, Drop, Done: Managing your messages is now a piece of cake. Work and Text Together: Keep your workflow smooth and your chats in sight. Getting Started
      On your Android device: Open the Truecaller app, hit Messages, then the overflow menu, and select “Messaging for Web.” On your desktop: Visit https://web.truecaller.com and just follow the steps. Easy, right? Your Privacy, Our Priority
      We’ve got your back when it comes to privacy. The link between your web and Android device is rock-solid and secure. Your chats are your business, so they stay between you and your contacts.
      Chat Away with Anyone
      Truecaller for Web isn’t just for Truecaller contacts. You can reach out to any of your SMS buddies. That’s pretty cool, right?
      We’re Just Warming Up
      This is only the beginning. And it's only in beta right now We’re constantly adding more stuff from your Truecaller app to the web version. Stay tuned!
      Messaging, Truecaller Style
      Send all sorts of messages – SMS, Truecaller Chat, Urgent Messages. We've also integrated the Smart SMS filtering from the app. This to make sure you have your inbox, promotions, and all those pesky spam messages filtered away.
      Got Something to Say?
      Stumbled upon a glitch or got some cool ideas? Head to Settings in Truecaller for Web, tap “About,” and let us know what’s on your mind under “Send feedback or report an issue.”
      Quick Tips for Common Hiccups
      Stuck at login? Give your Truecaller app on Android a quick data-clearing. Web version not refreshing? Hit that refresh button on your browser. Messages not sending? Check your phone’s internet connection. Pro tip: Keep the Truecaller app open in the foreground. The Future Looks Bright
      We’re all about making Truecaller not just a part of your phone, but a part of your daily digital life. Truecaller for Web is a giant leap in that direction. Get ready to text, manage, and stay connected like never before!
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    • Receiving spam messages is almost like getting unwanted flyers in your mailbox, but only more annoying! But here’s the good news - we’ve improved the SMS filtering feature for iOS 16 and above. Read on to know more about the feature.
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    • Many people receive annoying spam calls on their phones, causing frustration and interruptions in their day-to-day activities, highlighting the need for better ways to stop these unwanted calls.

      Introducing Truecaller's new superhero: 'Max'! 
      Max is Truecaller's latest AI-powered feature that swoops in to save the day from spam calls, even if they're not in the Truecaller database.
      How does it work?
      If you get a call from an unknown number, it checks whether it's a spam call or a genuine person is calling. If it's a spam call, it automatically blocks the call
      Here's the thing:
      To use the Max feature, you'll need to have Truecaller Premium on an Android phone.

      Excited to partner with Max?
      Just open your Truecaller app, go to 'Settings', tap 'Block', select 'Max' for protection, and you're good to go! Now you can avoid spam calls like a pro.
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    • Recording your phone calls is now seamless using Truecaller's Call Recording feature on Android devices. It's essential to recall every aspect, whether during a business discussion or a personal chat. Call recording enables you to achieve precisely this.
      Truecaller's call recording feature is completely safe and secure. After a call is recorded and transferred to your device, Truecaller no longer has access to the recording.
      Download Truecaller App  
      Upgrade to the premium version to use the call recording feature.
      How does the call recording function work?
      1.  Begin the call and hit the recording button.
      2. After the call is answered, there will be a quick 3-second countdown. During this interval, the recipient is placed on hold to initiate the recording process, which begins immediately following this period.

      How to Find and Manage Your Recordings
      All your recorded calls are stored inside the Truecaller app. Once a call concludes or you halt the recording, you have the convenience of accessing, listening to, sharing, renaming, or deleting your recordings straight from the app. Additionally, there's an option to save your recordings to your Google Drive for backup.

      Enhanced Features for an Improved Experience
      Call Recording goes beyond simple recording to elevate your experience:
      - Automatically Generated Call Subject: Simplify the management of your recordings.
      - Instant Conversation Summaries: Get rapid overviews of your discussions for quick memory refresh.
      - AI-Driven Transcriptions: Access written versions of your talks for thorough review.
      Benefits of Using Call Recording:
      - Capture Every Detail: Guarantee that key elements of your discussions are recorded.
      - Maintain Attention: Participate in calls without the distraction of taking notes.
      - Prevent Miscommunications: Review calls to clear up any misunderstandings.
      Truecaller's Call Recording functionality for Android devices offers a robust solution for improving your call management. Suitable for both business and personal applications, it guarantees that every significant conversation is recorded and preserved. Begin enjoying a more structured and effective communication journey today.
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