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Hi All,


We are sad to announce a scammer claiming to be Cassims Auto. We have had several calls and messages from clients that have been scammed. The scammer is operating via Looking4Spares web portal. We have reached out to the aforementioned company but to no avail. We urge customers to be on the lookout and not proceed with any payments. The scammer is using several banking institutions. Tyme Bank, Bidvest, Discovery Bank, Absa, FNB, Nedbank. 


Cassims Auto has approached SAPS with this serious matter. Unfortunately, they cannot assist us due to customers not proceeding with lodging the case. 

We have further contacted the various banking institutions. They too cannot assist us for various security reasons.



Could contain:

Could contain:

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If it's scam let be if they don't leave a recognizable voicemail or email let spam be spam and follow prompts and continue.

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  • 3 weeks later...



I made enquiries via an on line store for a thermostat for my car.


I got a call from “Kevin” who sent me a picture and advised that they have stock. His caller ID was CMS (Cassim Motor Spares – I presume) and the number is 069 116 0520.


He Whatapp me a tax invoice for the part and the price was around R1400. He further stated that I can get immediate delivery at an additional cost – the total was R 1585.50 including VAT.

He also supplied a Bidvest Account number and requested that I make immediate payment as he was dispatching the driver. He even shared the drivers cell number.


I paid accordingly and issued proof of payment via WhatsApp.


The driver never pitched and when I tried the number he gave it went straight to voicemail.


I tried the number again with no response and sent a WhatsApp message to also indicate that the part he showed me was wrong – I sent him a picture of the right part.


He replied last night that he will sort it out in the morning.


Its only now when I checked I see it’s a scam.


I will open a SAPS case and provide you with the number as well as inform the Bidvest Bank.

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